Scott Middleton sensei

6th dan WTKO

Q: How did you first come into contact with Hirota dogi?

I was introduced to the Hirota dogi under the recommendation of my instructor sensei Richard Amos
Q: How long have you been using Hirota dogi, and which model do you prefer to use?

I have been wearing the Hirota dogi exclusively for 5 years now, and prefer the Pinac for its lightness, comfort, and durability
Q: Do you agree with the comment, "Hirota the best dogi available today"?

In my humble opinion - yes absolutely!

Q: In your experience, what is the difference between Hirota dogi and other brands you have used before?

For nearly 25 years I wore another brand of dogi that is popular among Shotokan enthusiasts. Perhaps the difference between that other brand of dogi and Hirota can be summed up with the word "sensitivity". I strongly feel that throughout our karate life we should nurture a "sensitivity" to how our body moves and flows as we aspire to reach technical perfection. The lightness and comfort of the Hirota dogi does not inhibit or restrict the bodies natural movement allowing the practitioner to develop the connection between our physical practice and kimochi (Inner Feelings)

Q: Would you recommend Hirota dogi to other karateka?

I recommend Hirota dogi to everyone that is serious about their karate

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Scott Middleton sensei
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Scott Middleton sensei (6th dan)
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